7 in 1 Elixir Nail Treatment

7 in 1 Elixir Nail Treatment


Extraordinary Compound of Oils, Vitamins and Minerals all working together to make nails Strong and Hard, Smooth and Shiny, Healthy and Hydrated. 

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Care for your nails and cuticles in the most natural, cruelty-free way possible, with cuticle and nail oils from Chemo Companion Products. Our safe, vegan nail products will nourish and strengthen your nails, soften your cuticles, and even extend the life of your manicure.

The right kind of care for your cuticles is vital to the overall strength  and health of your nails after cancer treatment. Karma Organic cuticle and nail oils are very  absorbent and contain no harsh chemicals or odors, which is especially important for cancer patients. Everything we put on our skin enters our bloodstream, so it's wise to use only ingredients that are known not to be harmful to your body.

Nail Elixir ingredients

Karma organic elixir nail treatment is highly enriched with ingredients to make your nails healthier and contains Keratin, which prevents nail breakage, a powerful hardening agent, Amino acid for nail growth, Vitamin E for deep hydration and protection and Argan oil with nourishing properties. It is also has a special formula which maximizes a natural shine. Formaldehyde & Toluene free. Extraordinary Compound of Oils, Vitamins, and Minerals all working together to make nails Hard, Smooth, Shiny, Healthy and Hydrated. 

Instructions for Use

* As a Treatment: Apply two coats, twice a week to increase the benefits. 

* As a Base Coat: Apply one coat under your favorite Karma Organic Nail Polish.


  • This intensive 7 in 1 nail treatment including the highest quality natural ingredients. It helps strengthens, protect and grow nails whilst keeping them smooth and shiny. 

  • Promotes healthy and youthful nails

  • Strengthens, hydrates protects it from cracking and splitting

  • Whitens the nail

  • Treats ridged nails

  • Smooth and shiny 

  • Ultimate solution for damage nails

Cruelty Free

Our products have not been tested on animals and do not include any ingredients that have been tested on or derived from animals.