Mission Statement

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Dr. Singhal strongly believes that both body and mind need to be considered equally in the treatment of cancer patients. How one feels is not insignificant. The perception of the quality of life, as well as the overall sense of well being, improve one's ability to cope with the illness and tolerate treatment. Dr. Singhal has been practicing oncology for over twenty years, and in that time she has obtained experience, understanding and deep insight into all of the side-effects that radiation/chemotherapy can have on the body.

Aesthetic issues are not to be ignored or overlooked. Dry skin, rashes, hair loss, nail problems: all of these side-effects might seem minor in comparison to more serious ones, like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or even the life-threatening complications of chemo/radiation, yet they are uncomfortable for the patient. A patient recovering from a recent chemotherapy treatment could use all the energy that can be mustered, without it being drained by aggravation with these “little” problems. So, solving them can be the crucial difference to help patients feel better about themselves.

Keeping all that in mind, she decided to apply her expertise in selecting the products that are appropriate for cancer patients. Her goal is to enable a cancer patient to feel good about themselves and be beautiful while they fight cancer, and recover from it. These are the products that complement patients recovery and aid their beauty during a time period that can be so challenging.

Dr. Shyamali Singhal is a dedicated surgeon and the Founding Director of the El Camino Hospital Cancer Center in Mountain View. She offers personalized attention through all the stages of the treatment using the latest in techniques and technology in order to minimize recovery time and maximize therapy effectiveness. She strongly believes that optimism and overall quality of life are complementary to the intense medical treatment of such difficult disease as cancer, so she strives to provide a balance between the medical and personal sides of care.

Dr. Singhal received her undergraduate degree in Biophysics at Johns Hopkins University, followed by a Ph. D. in Molecular Pharmacology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, where she completed her M. D. program.

She completed her Surgical Residency at the University of Washington in Seattle, one of the nation’s top surgical training programs.  Dr. Singhal decided to complement her understanding of the molecular pharmacology of cancer medications with a clinical specialty in surgical oncology. She completed a fellowship in Surgical Oncology at the City of Hope National Cancer Center. Her research there focused on discovering the interactions of chemotherapy and a wide spectrum of natural agents, and their impact on liver functions.

Clinically, she has a multidisciplinary approach - considering Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Surgery. It provides Dr. Singhal with a comprehensive view of cancer and a better opportunity to treat the disease. In 2005, she became the Medical Director for the Cancer Program at El Camino Hospital. With her leadership, the program has expanded from 1000 new patients a year at its beginning,  to currently having over 2000 new patients per year. More recently, she has been involved in medical device startups and digital health. She serves as the Chief Medical Officer for Cyrcadia Health. She is the Primary Investigator for several clinical trials, including Stanford’s Canary Center BioBank.