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Confidence is a Journey

At Hope & Beauty, we know that going through cancer treatment can be a challenging and strenuous journey. Enduring cancer treatment, whether it’s surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, can cause many bothersome side-effects to cancer patients. Anyone going through cancer treatment will appreciate Hope & Beauty’s Chemo Companion product line. We have everything from Nail Treatments to specialty Skin Care products. All our products are non-toxic, safe, free from harsh chemicals and can be used by non-cancer patients as well.

Whether you're going through cancer treatment or here to support a loved one, Hope & Beauty is here for you. 


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What are Chemo Companion Products?

Chemo Companions by Hope & Beauty are a line of products that are carefully selected by Surgical Oncologist, Dr. Shyamali Singhal, to address the side-effects related to hair, nails, and skin, that affect cancer patients during and after treatment.  

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“My mission is to relentlessly battle cancer while giving my patients gentle guidance and support.”

Dr. Shyamali Singhal
Founder of Hope & Beauty


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