Cancer Tips

Karma Organic Nail Polishes are part of the line of nail care products that are supported and proposed by Dr. Singhal, an expert in the field of oncology.

While working with cancer patients for more than twenty years, Dr. Singhal noticed how small health changes make big difference in patients’ lives. Her goal is to help every patient to feel beautiful again. And that is the reason why she chose Karma Organic Nail Polishes to be part of this cosmetic line.

Karma Organic Nail Polishes have new nail strengthening formula that contains calcium and coffee extract to help strengthen weak, thin, splitting and peeling nails, which make this polishes perfect products for people with nail issues.

When undergoing chemotherapy, nails can experience a number of changes. The most common changes include brittle nails, discoloration, loose cuticles, skin infections around and under the nail, bleeding underneath the nail, swelling of the skin around the nail and often losing the nail.

All of the conditions listed above can be treated by using the right products. Different medications cause different conditions. In order to determine the symptom you or your loved one is most likely to have, and to decide which the best treatment for that condition is, please read more here.

Karma Organic Nail Polishes are animal-friendly and free of toxic substances like toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalate), camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, and/or parabens, thus making them suitable for pregnant woman, kids, and cancer patients. They are also eco-friendly with 100% recyclable package.

These nail polishes come in a variety of colors and shades: red, pink, blue, white, purple, black, and can be your everyday friend that makes you look and feel as beautiful as ever.