Radiation Therapy Bundle

Radiation Therapy Bundle


Treat: Lindi Skin Cooler Rolls
Facial Care: PCA Sensitive Skin Kit
Treatment: PCA Clinicalm
Treat/Hydrate: Lindi Soothing Balm
For Lips/Cuticles: Lindi Lip Balm

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Sensitive Skin Kit

Calm and soothe sensitive or reddened skin with a mix of products that ease irritation and strengthen the skin while preventing redness.

PCA Skin’s Sensitive Skin Kit is carefully selected combinations of scientifically developed products designed to improve the health and appearance of your unique skin. Soothe your sensitive and irritated skin with this mix of products that ease irritation and strengthen your skin while preventing redness. All of our products are free of potential irritants like synthetic dyes and fragrances. PCA SKIN® does not perform or condone animal testing.

Includes Deluxe Travel sizes of:    

  • Anti-Redness Serum – this formulation calms, soothes and improves the appearance of sensitive skin prone to redness.

  • Hydrating Serum – a serum containing a specialized blend of antioxidants and moisture-binding ingredients to leave skin soft, plump and hydrated.

  • Retinol Renewal with RestorAtive Complex – this gentle serum contains retinol blended with botanicals to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while promoting an even skin tone.

  • ReBalance – a nourishing, light moisturizer that hydrates, calms and soothes normal to sensitive skin.

  • Protecting Hydrator Broad Spectrum SPF 30– this non-oily daily hydrator and sunscreen provides light moisture with a matte finish.

7-10 day supply

Easy Application Steps

See individual product directions by clicking each product name under key products.

CliniCalm™ 1%

Relieve redness, itching, inflammation and irritation due to topical allergens, dermatitis, professional treatments or waxing with this 1% hydrocortisone cream.

A soothing therapeutic treatment with maximum strength 1% hydrocortisone to soothe and provide temporary relief of itching and irritation.

  • Calming ingredient blend soothes the skin after non-invasive professional treatments, waxing and shaving

  • Ideal for itch and irritation relief due to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or other topical allergens

  • Soothes the skin, relieving redness, inflammation and irritation

  • Safe for consecutive use for up to seven days


  • Hydrocortisone (1%) – a corticosteroid hormone used to relieve topical itching, irritation and discomfort.

  • Asiaticoside – a novel ingredient that helps inhibit the enzymes that break down collagen while supporting skin regeneration.

  • Hyaluronic acid, honey, phosopholipids and sphingolipids – this blend normalizes water absorption and repairs the lipid barrier of dry and irritated skin; it forms a hydrating film and provides a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

Easy Application Steps

After gentle cleansing, apply a nickel-sized amount to area of treatment, not to exceed three to four times daily. Follow with the appropriate moisturizer with SPF in the daytime, nourishing moisturizer in the evening or use as directed by your physician. This product is indicated for no more than seven days of consistent use.

Daily Care Routine

  • Morning - Correct

  • Night - Correct

Lindi Lip Balm