Nail Bundle #1

Nail Bundle #1


For Cuticles: Karma cuticle oils (Avocado w/Lavender)
BaseCoat/Treatment: Karma Triple 5 BaseCoat
Polish Remover: Karma Polish Remover ( unscented w/vitamin E oil)
Nail Polish: Choose a Karma polish that goes with your cancer type/Lavender

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Avocado Cuticle Oil with Lavender

The Avocado Beauty Oil works great on cuticles or all over the body as a moisturizer. The main ingredient is avocado oil, which is mixed with cottonseed oil and lavender fragrance. 

The Avocado Beauty Oil is great for cuticles or used as a body moisturizer. To no surprise, the main ingredient in The Avocado Beauty Oil is avocado oil, alongside with cottonseed oil and lavender fragrance.

Biologically active essential oils in The Avocado Beauty Oil have been delicately prepared to preserve their rich polyphenolic compounds. There are no potential irritants added, such as preservatives, colors, parabens, sulphates or petroleum. It is designed to be used with other general nail health strategies.

Main Ingredients

Avocado Oil & Lavender Oil

Strengthen your Nails

Nourishing oil for stronger nails and softer cuticles. Karma Organic's Avocado Cuticle Nail Oil is formulated to soften your cuticles and strengthen your nails with luxurious, quick-absorbing oil.

A Must for Moisture

Karma Avocado Cuticle oil offers natural moisture to this very delicate area. Avocado oil boasts anti-bacterial properties and penetrates deeply into the skin to provide long-lasting moisture

For Massages

Use cuticle oil as a lubricant for a hand massage, during manicure or can also be used separately. Massaging the cuticles helps increase in circulation in the fingertips and may induce faster nail growth. Hand massage contributes to stress reduction and may help those with arthritis of the hand or stiff finger joints.

Instructions for Use

* As a Treatment: Apply to cuticles and massage in for a few minutes. Wash hands thoroughly. 

** May also be used on dry skin anywhere.

Apply with the brush applicator for an easy and clean application to give your manicure a longer life.

Triple 5 Base Coat

Nourishing, Hydrating, Revitalizing Base Coat that Hardens Nails and Stimulates Growth. 

Karma organic Triple 5 Base Coat has been giving amazing results in the context of chipping, splitting and peeling from the nail for our esteemed customers. Our Triple 5 Base Coat secures blending of the nail color without harming the natural nail plate and also hide ridges which directly effects the beauty of your nail. This nail treatment will give a healthy look to your nails in order to show off your own unique style. It gives you flair and confidence to perform your task in a very appropriate manner.


Nourishing, Hydrating, Revitalizing Base Coat that Hardens Nails and Stimulates Growth. This wonder treatment includes 5 vitamins, 5 plant extracts and offers 5 outstanding benefits to help charm your nails back to health. Vitamins A, B5, C, E and F help hydrate your nails as well as delivering keratin-activating properties to instill growth. Our triple 5 base coat formula also contains Aloe Vera, Lemon, Ginseng, Pomegranate and Grape for deep nourishment while brightening the nails.

All of Karma Organic products are natural and are free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, and camphor, plus vegan-friendly

Instructions for Use: 

*As a Treatment: Apply two coats, twice a week..

*As a Base Coat: Apply one coat under your favorite Karma Organic Nail Polish.

Key Features

Apply any nail polish color over karma triple 5 base coat layer to increase your shine and beauty with brightening mega gloss effect.


  • Keratin hardening: improvement of the nail condition and it also decreases brittleness

  • Hydration with anti-breakage protection and this enables the nails to less damage

  • It reduces cracking by Deep nourishment with anti-splitting reinforcing effect

  • Growth stimulation through keratin activation

Unscented Nail Polish Remover with Vitamin E Oil

Karma Organic Nail Polish Removers actually nourish the nail bed with it’s oil based formula instead of drying them out, while doing so quickly, efficiently, and gently – The added bonus is the acetone-free nature of the product as well as it being free of toxic smelling odors.  In most cases you only need to use one thoroughly moistened cotton ball, to remove polish from all fingers or toes.

Remove nail polish without harsh chemicals and foul odors with non-toxic Karma Organic Nail Polish Removers. Our nail polish removers are not only wonderfully smelling,but they also nourish your nail beds while  removing the polish.

Karma Organic Nail Polish Removers are acetone-free, cruelty-free, free of petroleum ingredients, and non-carcinogenic. They are based on soybean oil derived from American farm crops and are eco-friendly, packaged in a 100% recyclable glass bottle. Karma Organic Nail Polish Removers remove all nail polishes, not just Karma Organic brand. Please note our polishes do not work on gel or acrylic-treated nails.

Our Nail Polish Remover Ingredients

• Propylene Carbonate – An odorless, colorless liquid used as a solvent

• Soybean Oil Methyl Ester – Used as a solvent in liquid separations

• Tocopheryl Acetate – Also known as Vitamin E, common vitamin supplement and a great antioxidant for the skin

Treat the Earth and your nails with equal respect with Karma Organic Nail Polish Removers.

Nail Polish

Non-Toxic, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free.

This nail strengthening formula contains calcium and coffee extract to help and strengthen natural nails without the use of formaldehyde. Weak, thin, splitting nails will benefit from the use of our polishes. We believe in the preservation of the beauty of the natural world and our products are cruelty-free, never tested on animals. Our eco-friendly packaging is 100% recyclable.

Our Nail Polish Ingredients:

  • Butyl Acetate - organic compound used as a solvent in the production of lacquers

  • Ethyl Acetate - organic compound; colorless liquid used as a solvent in flavorings and perfumes

  • Nitrocellulose - a fiber used for viscosity

  • Isopropyl Alcohol - dissolves nitrocellulose

  • Adipic Acid/Fumaric Acid/ Phthalic Acid/Tricyclodecane Dimethanol Copolymer - soluble in water, alcohol, and acetone

  • Titanium Dioxide - the naturally occurring oxide of titanium, mined from the earth

  • Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide - a salt used in making blue pigments

  • Mica - made from sand

  • Iron Oxides - a principle ingredient in pigments ranging from yellow through red, and from purple through black

  • Tin Oxides - a polishing agent

  • May Also Contain: Acetyl Tributyl, Stearalkonium Hectorite or Citric Acid

Enjoy the toxin-free, guilt-free beauty of Karma Organic nail polishes. Made in the USA.