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Our Story

At Hope & Beauty, our primary focus is to help cancer patients maintain a sense of control and normalcy during a difficult time in their lives.

Hope & Beauty is determined to make everyday living a little bit better for the millions of people all over the world, who struggle with skin, hair, and nail conditions as well as cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Together with patients and the healthcare community, Hope & Beauty provides hand-selected Chemo Companion Products that ease symptoms and side effects and improve the quality of day-to-day life of toxin-sensitive people as well as cancer patients.

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Dr. Singhal’s Mission

“My mission is to relentlessly battle cancer while giving my patients gentle guidance and support.”

Dr. Shyamali Singhal, Founder of Hope & Beauty has over twenty years of experience as a Surgical Oncologist, and in that time she has obtained understanding and deep insight into all of the side-effects that radiation and chemotherapy can have on the body of a cancer patient.

“Cancer diagnosis and treatment can cause lasting trauma to patients bodies. Often, it has a devastating impact on minds too. That’s why acts of self-care, however small, are so important for all patients with a cancer diagnosis. Taking time - be it a day, an hour or even just a few minutes - to look after yourself, mentally and physically, can help manage the many issues the disease brings”, states Dr. Singhal.

She decided to help cancer patients by applying her expertise in selecting products that are suitable for cancer patients. Her mission with Hope & Beauty is to assist cancer patients as they’re recovering from cancer treatment. Dr. Singhal recognizes how important it is for cancer patients to look and feel good about themselves while they fight cancer, and recover from it.